APRIL 2016

EHSAS ‘81 Foundation
Minutes of Meeting
106, Jor Bagh (Satvir’s residence)
2nd April, 2016, 12.00 noon

General Discussion on the way forward
Deepika, Avni, Sameer, Praphul, Prabhjot, Ashhok, Rajive, Rohit K, Satvir
Rajive K : Sought a clearer vision on the way forward in terms of selection of beneficiaries, sharing of information with rest of the batchmates, and fundraising. He also felt that the process being followed was a bit ridgid and sought more flexibility. Rajive also proposed a few children who needed support in his school in Sonepat, but was retiscent to follow the procedre defined by EHSAS’81. However, it was made clear to him
that all support would only happen through the processes laid down by the Foundation. The process of selection was clarified as per the Terms of Reference of the Edu Committee which had been agreed upon earlier. It was further clarified that the process being followed had been discussed and decided by all members of the Governing Body and the Education Committee.

It was suggested that in addition to the girl child, preference should also be given to children of single parents with no earning members in the family.

Consensus was arrived on not providing out of school private tuitions for beneficiaries.

Rohit K & Rajive K also raised concerns of other batchmates who they had interacted with stating that the activities were not visible to other batchmates because of which there was a prevailing opinion that not much was being done.

In response to the issue, it was decided that the link to the website would be put on all common forums and the updated list of contributors would be repeated on all public media by Deepika.

It was also decided that the EHSAS’81 members will continue to support independent initiatives of the batchmates where activities of EHSAS’81 would be shared with those who did not get the opportunity to enrol into the programme.

EHSAS ‘81 Foundation
Minutes of Meeting
Vivek Modern School, Bhajanpura
8th April, 2016, 09.00 am


To interact with children and their parents who were recommended by Vivek Arora of Vivek Modern School
Ashhok, Sameer, Prabhjot

The members visited VMS and met Vivek Arora, son of the Principal. They have been runing the school for the underprivileged since the past many years and upon our request and shared guidelines they proposed a few bright children who needed financial assistance.
The members met with these children and their parents and asessed their present condition needs and bonafide of the selected children proposed by VMS. First Information Sheet was filled up by VMS and given to us for perusal.

EHSAS ‘81 Foundation
Minutes of Meeting
R-3, Green Park Extn, (Deepika’s residence)
9th April, 2016, 5.00 pm

Fund Raising

Deepika, Deepali, Satvir, Neel, Praphul, Sameer, Prabhjot It was discussed how to raise funds and get more batchmates involved in the
Foundation. For this, it was proposed by Neel to have a 35th reunion and use the the platform to leverage EHSAS’81 amongst batchmates.
Tentative dates for this reunion were proposed to be around end-April or May. Corporate fund raising was also proposed, but it was finally decided to first raise funds amongst batchmates.


EHSAS ‘81 Foundation
Minutes of Meeting
R-3, Green Park Extn, (Deepika’s residence)
17th April, 2016

Finalise all pending applications, decide on usage of balance amount and update minutes book.
Praphul, Sameer, Prabhjot, Rajive, Ashhok, Nirupma

Ashhok proposed thru that we close funding by 15th April for batchmates to review. VMS report cards & student info should be available by then. He also asked Prabhjot to hold back Hanumant Saha’s proposal.

It was proposed by Ashhok to create a document of association amongst the Foundation, the institution and the beneficiary parents.

Details of VMS to be updated on file, esp., the photographs

Deepika had reservations on one student at Literacy India – candidate Neetu’s application was held back in light of the family’s capability to support her education and unclear vision on further studies.

Praphul and Prabhjot had reservation on one student at VMS – where the father’s income was unclear and perhaps another earning member in the family.


EHSAS ‘81 Foundation
Minutes of Meeting
1-A Link Road, Jangpura (Nirupma’s Office)
23rd April, 2016


1. Finalize the 11 shortlisted kids
2. Sign cheques for
a. Vivek Modern School
b. Literacy India
3. Professional Mentoring support from Prof Satinder Bajaj


Deepika, Praphul, Sameer, Prabhjot, Ashhok, Prof. Satinder Bajaj


  1. Intro from Prof Bajaj: excellent credentials; noble intent; Gifted Children mention; Rx:
    a. Going beyond cheque-book philanthropy
    b. Ensuring impact and its sustainability
    c. Therefore, focus your resources to few kids and make high impact
    d. One way is to personalize the teaching; get into their lives to ensure impact
    e. The other way: A Mentoring Program from Dr Bajaj:
    i. One day a week of her time
    ii. Once a month to each learning centre
    iii. Each session to include discussion,, observation, diagnosis, 4 prescriptions (Student, Parent, School, EHSAS)
    iv. Repeat
  2. Cycle Planning
    a. Impact Planning & Analysis
    b. Milestone Identification
    c. Motivation
  3. Mentoring Focus areas: SHINE
    a. English
    b. Maths/Science
    c. Extra-curricular
    d. Life Skills
    e. 3 Soft Skills: Time Structuring; Self Confidence (Etiquette); Communication
  4. Focus on wants of the children and parents for getting them to do better rather than telling them to do want we require
  5. Who are we trying to impress?
    a. EHSAS Donors – to justify & sustain support
    b. Parents of beneficiary Students – to sustain effort
  6. MoA & ToR with School/Parents/NGO

    1) Share profile of Prof Bajaj with EHSAS Donors
    2) Initial meeting at Vivek Modern School 02MAY’16 – Agenda
    a) Pre-meeting: profile of kids to Prof Bajaj; Prof Bajaj to share the assessment approach note
    b) Initial interaction with the parents, student & school to observe and establish the baseline and perhaps a ‘way forward’
    3) ToR & MoU from Rajive – PM to follow-up the same asap