EHSAS ‘81 Foundation
Minutes of the Meeting
Sampan, The Suryaa Hotel, New Delhi
August 23, 2015; 5:00 – 7:30pm


1. Mixers & Remembrance
2. Update on Society formulation
3. Membership Drive
4. Focus Area Definition
5. Formalizing Organization Structure

Attendees: See attached list

Prabhjot called attention to the meeting with a quick intro of the 42 attendees followed by a one minute silence to remember our classmates who passed away – Miku Khanna, Sanjeev Sethi, Sujit Jog, Ranjeev Chaddha, Anup Khullar, Saroj Parashar, Anil Chauhan, Mukhjiv Singh. Sameer offered a brief introduction of the formulation process of EHSAS ’81 Foundation followed by Praphul detailing the agenda for the evening. Prabhjot shared the concept behind the initiative and recognized the efforts of Shivpal for initiating the idea/concept of forming an NGO, Vivek Saxena for rallying the classmates to action to support the Nepal Earthquake Relief efforts, Kaku, Nirupma, Prabhjot, Hemant, Praphul for hosting the ISC
meetings, and Sandeep Aggarwal & Hemant Relan for contributing their professional services in formalizing the Organization. Sandeep outlined the salient features of the Registered Society, highlighting eligibility, categories of membership and the Scope of Work defined for the functioning of the Society. Minor clarifications on the Life vs Patron Membership, and Founder vs Ordinary Membership was sought from the audience and it was suggested that this be simplified. A quick summary is as follows:

 Eligibility Voting
 General  Batch of 1981 Modern
School, Barakhamba Road,
New Delhi
 Nil  Nil
 Founder  Batch of 1981 Modern
School, Barakhamba Road,
New Delhi OR Associate
members who contribute for
5 consecutive years
 10,000 per annum
 Patron  1,25,000 one time
 Life  1,00,000 one time
 Ordinary  10,000 per annum
 Associate  Others  10,000 per annum
 Honorary  Individual with distinguished
talent and merit who brings
value to the Society’s cause

For details, Memorandum of Association is attached with a soft copy of this document. Hemant then detailed the registration details and tax entity status of the Society. Clarification was sought on the Tax Exemption Under Section 80G and it was clarified that the Society
was eligible to apply for it only after one year of establishment and that Hemant will do the needful at the right time.

Praphul presented the topline results of the Survey highlighting the strong interest among batchmates to participate in and contribute to the Society.

• Modernites, Class of 81 is a batch with HEART
o 75% contribute to Charities & Foundations – 40% regularly
• Take up one core area and establish one specific cause initially, expand to other
specific causes as we grow – 68.8%
o *Education was most preferred core area – 69.5%
• Very high willingness to support EHSAS ‘81 Foundation
o 88% with money; 77% with materials; 22% with time
• Other causes
o natural calamities followed by environmental causes
o Assign 6-10% of corpus for this
• *Tough Call: Scholarship at Modern School vs accredited rural school vs Urban Slum

Shivpal and Rohit took the podium to facilitate the creation of a formal Executive Body. The current Interim Steering Committee members were introduced – Praphul (President) , Deepika (Vice President), Sameer (Secretary), Prabhjot (Joint Secretary), Hemant (Treasurer), Anil Jain, Anup Bhasin, Avni Chugh, Kunwar Shivpal Singh, Nirupma Kapur, Rohit Krishna, Sandeep Aggarwal and Satvir Singh Rana (Members). They then called for nominations for the 5 Executive posts.

Bharat proposed the name of Sandeep Aggarwal as President which was seconded by Rajiv Kapur and Neel Shah. Sandeep declined to take up the position due to his professional commitments. Shivpal again proposed Praphul as President, to which Ashok Kapoor suggested that the Interim Executive Committee should continue for the first term. These 5 members were called on the podium and unanimously elected to their respective posts. Shivpal then called for volunteers to form two sub-committees a) to steer the focus Project, i.e., Education; b) to drive fund-raising efforts. Ashok Kapoor, Rajiv Kapoor and Nirupma Kapur volunteered for the Education Sub-committee. Deepali Narula, Anuradha Bhardwaj, Avni Chugh and Neel Shah volunteered for the Fund-raising Sub-committee. It was decided that the Terms of Reference of the two sub-committees will be provided by the Executive to get them started asap.

Concurrently, the Membership Drive was initiated in due earnest with the 29 attendees (besides the 13 Interim Steering Committee members) and almost all raised their hand to pledge their contribution of ?10,000/- per annum. It must be recognized here that Vishwani,
Deepali, Mallo, Arvinder paid their Membership Fees before leaving the venue. Many members asked for Bank details and it was committed that the same will be made available across various forums of our batchmates, namely, Facebook (Bun Samosa 81), WhatsApp Group (Bun Samosa 81), Yahoo Group (BunSamosa81) in addition to individual

For reference, the bank details are: EHSAS 81 FOUNDATION; A/C No 001688700000564; Yes Bank, South Extension Part 2, New Delhi; IFSC – YESB0000016 Deepika and Nirupma took the podium to conduct an open-house session on any feedback the attendees may have on any issue presented thus far. The following areas were discussed:

  1. How to focus efforts in Education:
  2. Arvinder was interested in a wide reach approach – to place more children in schools such as KVs as opposed to a scholarship in MSBKR.
  3. Rishi suggested contributing to a school building in rural area @?10-20L
  4. Shalini mentioned that money is not a problem for Govt schools, and suggested our focus should be pick up bright kids from orphanages and fund their higher education in that area.
  5. Ashok suggested that the focus of our Society should be education and project identification. He later suggested that we should also consider education areas

besides education we should be sensitive to the parenting needs of children right from personality development to etiquettes.

  1. Bishan suggested that instead of just ideas being floated, members should come up with proposals that are supported with research for the Executive to take up.
  2. Satvir & Prabhjot shared their experience in running a sports-led NGO in that we should consider personality development (a Bond legacy) through serious sporting – motivation, team spirit, problem solving, trying harder – keeping the kids way from getting into social problems such as drugs, crime, etc. They also highlighted the lack of career opportunities for sportspersons k. Madhusudan highlighted the need for a timeline driven agenda – ideas and execution
  3. Rajiv K offered to fund two scholarships in the memory of his parents – 1 Sports & 1 Academics – details to be shared later. m. generation.
    n. Saket suggested that the old laptops as well as PC’s to be donated to rural schools .
  4. <Please remember name> suggested that we adopt a school in a rural area
  5. <Please remember name> suggested that we institute a debate in MSBKR on Scholarship at Modern School vs accredited rural school vs Urban Slum School. This would not only serve to drive awareness of EHSAS 81 Foundation but also get other perspectives from the younger generation.
  6. Others:
  7. Arvinder suggested we team up with corporates’ CSR initiatives Sameer concluded the meeting with a vote of thanks to the following:
  8. Pankaj Mathur for offering an excellent venue, a wow menu and attentive service staff. Pankaj’s offer to sponsor the entire evening was graciously accepted by EHSAS 81 Foundation and acknowledged by all present.
  9. Sandeep Aggarwal and Hemant Relan for their professional services offered pro bono
  10. Kaku, Nirupma, Prabhjot, Hemant, Praphul for hosting the ISC meetings
  11. Everyone present for taking valuable time off to attend this meeting on a Sunday evening.