EHSAS ‘81 Foundation
Minutes of Meeting
1 Link Road, Jangpura, ND (Nirupma)
30th December, 2015

1. Evaluate proposals on the following counts:
a. Bonafide
b. Scope of assistance
c. Mentors assignments

  1. Mechanism of periodic review so that we remain on top of those receiving assistance
  2. Need details of information on organizations involved in relief work for Chennai flood
  3. Discuss children projects that Ashok and Rajive have sent a. More students who you feel are in need of help and are good in
    their fields

Attendees: Anil, Anup, Avni, Deepika, Rajive, Shivpal, Nirupama, Prabhjot, Rohit, Sandeep, Satvir

1. Checklist: SJ+PS+PM
a. Need
i. Study
ii. Books/Clothes
iii. Food
iv. Siblings/gender etc
b. Merit
c. Family

  1. Complete data of
    a. Palak
    b. Ramu’s kid
    c. Shivpal’s list
  2. Disaster contribution
    a. Rapid response , <3 days
    b. Distribution preferably Thru a Modernite @ local location
    4. Tracking Beneficiaries…”EHSAS Alumni”
    a. Needs to be set up with a Recurring Deposit account
    b. Tracking progress – e.g., Unit Test Results, RD Passbook, qualitative assessment of family condition improvement
    c. Facilitating with job/career advice

Next Steps:
1. SJ+PS+PM to develop assessment checklist
2. Interviews begin 7th March onwards – AK & PS
3. Social media amplification – re beneficiaries