Minutes of Meeting General Body of ‘BunSamosa81 Foundation’ 106, Jor Bagh (Satvir Rana’s residence) 21st February, 2015

Minutes of Meeting of the Interim Steering Committee of ‘BunSamosa81 Foundation’ 1 Link Road, Jangpura (Nirupma) 27th February 2015

Minutes of Meeting
General Body of ‘BunSamosa81 Foundation’
106, Jor Bagh (Satvir Rana’s residence)
21st February, 2015


 1. Nirupma Suri
2. Deepika Khosla
3. Avni Marwah
4. Kaku Rana
5. Arvind Hoon
6. Rajive Kapur
 7. Kapil Berera
8. Vivek Malhotra
9. Rohit Aggarwal
10. Rohit Krishna
11. Hemant Relan
12. Anil Jain
 13. Sameer Jain
14. Prabhjot Singh
15. Anup Bhasin
16. Atul Kohli
17. Praful Mishra
18. Shivpal Singh

After the welcome note by Kaku (intermingled with shayari) Praphul set the proceedings by asking each of the attendees for their views on the core focus area we should work on:

Sameer Jain – education (vocational & talent development) amongst the weaker sections of society.

Anil Jain – education.

Anup Bhasin – Education but stressed on defining the physical area of operation.

Prabhjot Singh – we should stress on putting the structure in place & in it keep the operations flexible enough to accommodate & work on diverse ideas.

Hemant Relan – education, adopting children or even extending complete support to children in orphanage.

Rohit Krishna – Education. Delhi has a pretty decent educational infrastructure & education is free. We need to shift our focus out of Delhi & lay more stress on rural India in the nearby
poor states.

Kapil Berera – healthcare. For education we can have tie-up with Microsoft & fund them.

Vivek Malhotra – education should be the core.

Rohit Aggarwal – endorsed Vivek Malhotra.

Rajive Kapur – education & medical. Involved in his own charitable organisations. Will support 100% with whatever the general consensus is.

Arvind Hoon – education but it should connect to MHS.

Kaku Rana – education where we inculcate the spirit of MHS as displayed by our batch. The spirit of giving back.

Avni Marwah – medical support & educating the girl child. Donations to schools in form of educational aids.

Deepika Khosla – Support to elders which could even include teachers of MHS who might require our support in any form.

Nirupma Suri – focus on children with special needs.

Praphul Misra – since it is a cohort of schoolmates, education is the ideal focus area.

Shivpal – education in rural areas & the education may not be just restricted to the 3 R’s.

The following inputs were received over email and thru FB/WhatsApp/Email:

Neel Shah: To begin with, limit it to EWS students in MHS who are let off on fees – this will allow us to use the money for the student in other ways. …higher education after school be supported for these students as this raises a family/individual out of poverty.

Anup Raina: Education to drive women equality in India. Just funding kids in modern school may defeat the purpose.

Anil Bajaj & Ajay Gupta: Include children with special needs in the focus area
Thus there was a general consensus on the focus area being education (WHAT) for weaker sections (WHO). However, with flexibility along contiguous areas such as Health & Hygiene and special interests such as Girl Child, Orphanage, Modern School, Special Needs,Vocational & Professional.

Modus Operandi
There were divergent views on this.

Three options were articulated

1) Be a full-fledged NGO/Social Enterprise that not only collects/receives funds but also runs/manages projects
2) Be only a fund channelling agency: collect from classmates and fund/sponsor:
a) selected NGOs’ projects who deliver the benefits to beneficiaries
b) MSOSA’s activities/projects that are related to our vision
3) Something in between A & B: may be start with topping up MSOSA scholarship gap and being visible. Then attracting further funding to grow activities.

Kapil, Sameer, Avni and Sanjay Saigal (on FB) were of the opinion that we should tie up with NGO’s or MSOSA & fund their operations. This way we will avoid overheads & also be able to contribute in an already existing endeavour.

The majority were in favour of conducting the activities directly. The arguments were that we have the talent, associates prepared to devote time & money then why not steer, monitor & control projects our way? We will have to start small & funding others might deprive us of
visibility, control & also the desired impact. Finally this was left open and the steering committee was empowered to take a final

It was suggested that we keep the strength of the board to seven (7). Two NRI’s & 5 from India.

It was suggested that active real time participation by NRIs may not be convenient due to the time gaps.

It was suggested that if we have 2 seats for NRIs then we should also keep 2 seats for our classmates residing in other cities of India. It was also suggested that we keep the board

NCR-centric AND have an Advisory Body with a global presence. This will enable a working mechanism where each proposal is initially placed before the Advisory Body for shortlisting with the final decision on these shortlisted options is taken by the Board. All discussions to
be time bound. Considering interest expressed by some attendees, and nominations, an Interim Steering Committee was formed which will work to put the ‘vehicle’ into operation and till the formal Board is constituted, as per legal provisions.

The Interim Steering Committee Members:

 1. Nirupma Suri
2. Deepika Khosla
3. Avni Marwah
4. Anup Bhasin
5. Kaku Rana
 6. Rohit Krishna
7. Sameer Jain
8. Prabhjot Singh
9. Anil Jain
10. Anil Bajaj (NRI)
 11. Saurabh Sircar (NRI)
12. Chandan Sinha (OOT)
13. Sanjeev Chowdhry (OOT)
14. Praphul Misra
15. Shivpal Singh

Hemant Relan was entrusted with the responsibility of helping give the ‘vehicle’ a legal shape. He happily agreed to take the responsibility and prima facie suggested the formation of a ‘Trust’.

Rajive Kapur proposed the next ‘General Body’ meeting be held at his residence on a Sunday (with mandatory bun-samosa and chai only) to facilitate higher attendance.

Vote of Thanks
All attendees, and others who have shown support for the initiative, personally thanked Satvir (Kaku) Rana for his proactiveness and hospitality. Special thanks was expressed for Ms.Sanjeet Rana, the perfect and ‘real’ host.

Minutes of Meeting of the Interim Steering Committee
of ‘BunSamosa81 Foundation’
1 Link Road, Jangpura (Nirupma)
27th February 2015

1. Decide on a name for the Philanthropic Initiative
2. Decide on the legal structure of the organization
3. Decide on membership eligibility
Nirupma, Deepika, Avni, Sameer, Anup, Anil, Kaku, Prabhjot, Shivpal, Praphul,
Hemant Relan, Sandeep Aggarwal

Naming the Organisation – Research
46 respondents polled over three days – 25-27 FEB

Quick takeaways for naming the organisation

– ‘81 mandatory to reflect we’re batchmates
– Flavor of Modern school can be added thru a tagline
– Hindi skew is preferred as our school also had the same skew (motto etc)

Therefore, as per poll results:

1st choice EHSAS ‘81
2nd choice PAHAL ’81
3rd choice MSA ’81
Discussion on Structure of Initiative

Membership Eligibility

– All batchmates 1981 MSBKR would be eligible
– Initial sign-in contribution will be required to activate membership
– Rs.5,001/- for India residents
– USD 101/- for NRIs
– Regular annual contribution will be required to retain membership
– After initial sign-in thru WhatsApp, FB, Yahoo Group/email, all members will make an
effort to trace bring batchmates hitherto non reached so far

Next Steps

– Shivpal & Praphul to circulate Minutes of Meeting by Monday
– Draft first blush of WHAT & HOW right after Holi
– Next ISC Meeting at Praphul’s office (Hauz Khas) to discuss WHAT & HOW
– Hemant Relhan to register the Society under relevant Act with the following inputs:
– Name – as decided
– Objects of the Incorporation – “WHAT would be the focus/scope of activities of the
– Memorandum of Articles – “HOW will the functioning of the initiative operate”
– General Body to convene around the Ides of March

Thanks to Niru for use of her office and excellent hospitality