EHSAS ‘81 Foundation
Minutes of Meeting
101 Thapar House, Yusuf Sarai Commercial Complex, ND-49.
9th January 2016

To evaluate proposals, recommended by Ashok Kapoor, of children who were facing difficulty in meeting theireducation expenses.
Attendees : Deepika Gupta, Nirupma Kapur, Prabhjot Singh, Ashok Kapoor & Sameer Jain. Anuj from NGO ‘Bhagta Bharat’ Neel Aggarwal

  1. Neel Aggarwal currently in class V, along with his mother Mrs. Meenakshi Agarwal.
    2. Total assistance required: App. Rs. 60,000/- p.a. (For the period Jan 2016 to March 2017) Includes school fee, transportation, books & stationary, uniform. Amount may increase on account of Tuition fee since Neel would be going to a higher class (Class VI).
    3. Break-up: a) School Fees and charges – (2015-16) Rs.8000/- + (2016-17) Rs.45000/- + Transport 5000/- (c) RD amount (one-time) Rs.1,000/-
    4. Observations: Neel: Quiet, having good academic grades; mother: appeared incapable of coming to terms with her predicament, lacking confidence.
    5. Background: Only child, father under-trial, in jail, mother studied up to class XII, not working. Present financial support for schooling comes from paternal grandparents & a few friends of mother. Grandparents not financially strong, hence assistance always not
    timely. Probably helping child may bring about a change in mother that may make her more self-reliant.
    6. Unanimous consensus was to approve the required support, starting from the current quarter of Jan-April 2016 and then continue for the next academic year. School fee and other expenses to be paid directly and not to be given in cash wherever possible.
    7. Pre-conditions and conditions for assistance:
    a. Mother to open a RD account in the name of Neel and deposit Rs.1000/- every month. EHSAS’81 will also make an initial one-time contribution of 1000/- to the account.
    b. EHSAS’81 to evaluate the academic performance of Neel and bank statements on a monthly basis. Neel to improve or at-least maintain his grades.
    8. Anuj was requested to help in speeding up the process and obtaining any further relevant information.

Unanimously approved.

Anup Tiwari
1. Anup Tiwari (unaccompanied), currently in class XI.
Total assistance required: App. Rs.7,000/- for January only, to take 3/4 tuitions (Eco, Geography, Engl) as he will be appearing for his final class XI examination in February.

  1. Observations: Average/good grades, he spoke confidently, desirous of taking the Civil Services examination in future. Not fluent in spoken English. He is a runner of ‘Bhagta Bharat’, an NGO that makes under-privileged children run to keep them away from bad habits. Being a senior, he is a leader of a group of younger children. He also arranges local support for children of his group for kits and shoes from individuals, etc. He has
    attended NCC camps and excelled in Athletics.
    3. Background: One elder sister in class XII, father works as security guard, no outside assistance.
    4. Unanimous consensus was to meet his father and get his latest marks-sheet since he could not remember his last grades.
    5. Pre-conditions and conditions for assistance:
    a. Meet with his father before confirming any support
    b. Obtain copies of class XI grades

Amit Kumar Mandal
1. Amit Kumar Mandal (referred by Sameer Jain), currently in class XII.
Total assistance required: App. Rs.10,000/- for taking extra tuition for the upcoming
class XII exam.
2. Observations: presently studying at Gurukul Science Coaching. His academics were goods but needs extra coaching in Science and English. Staying in a boarding centre, his total expenses for tuition, accommodation, books etc will come to approx.
Rs.10,000/- to Rs.12,000/-.
3. Background: Father is a domestic help and this support for his son will allow him to continue education for his daughter who is in class IX. This amount will help him keep the girl child in school as well.


Bhagta Bharat
Bhagta Bharat NGO is working with slum children in East Delhi. As the name suggests, the children are encouraged to train and run so that they lead a healthy life style and keep away from influences of drugs and crime. Apart from running, the children are offered group tuitions in various subjects. Current requirement in Bhagta Bharat is for teachers who can take these group tuitions for children in different subjects.
As per Anuj, teachers are available for around Rs.5,000/- to Rs.6,000/- per month and will cater to around 20 to 30 students 4 days a week for 45 minutes. Two such teachers are required presently. Bhagta Bharat also requires books on spoken English such as ‘Rapidex’ series for younger
children. One time cost of these books is around Rs.7,000/-. These books will not be given to children but be kept in centres so that they are put to maximum use. It was decided that funds be made available for teachers to carry out group tuitions and the cost of Rs.7,000/- may be shared in our individual capacities.

Pre School in Vasant Vihar
Ashok also informed of a pre-school being organized in Vasant Vihar that is attended by slum children. Some of these children have been offered admission in reputed public schools. He proposed that we could align ourselves in some manner with this organization in whichever way possible.
Nirupama has offered to visit this site and get details so that this can be discussed in the next meeting.


EHSAS ‘81 Foundation
Minutes of Meeting
India Habitat Centre, Lodi Road
16th January, 2016

Discussion on Terms of Reference for Fund Raising Committee
Praphul, Sameer, Prabhjot

EHSAS ‘81 Foundation
Minutes of Meeting
Rennaissance Capital, B-47 (FF), CP, ND (Abhishek Dalmia)
23rd January, 2016

Attendees: Deepika, Prabhjot, Sameer, Ashhok; Prabhat Agrawal, Abhisek Dalmia


  1. Need strong Monitoring and Mentoring
    a. Either be hands on and learn
    b. Or fund thru an NGO which is working on the ground – not a nodal agency
    This way you can learn how to and then DIY
  2. Need regular fund raising
    a. Tap Directly – 1on1
    b. Thru Event organization
  3. Further, decided on the criteria for Education Support
    a. Support Options
    a. Need: Study; Books, Clothes, Food
    b. Merit
  4. Family
  5. Individual:
    a. Class 5 onwards: all the way thru class 12; girl child preferred
    b. Recognised school: caveat (student will supported in an unrecognized school for upto one year; further support will be subject him/her migrating to
    a recognized school)
    c. Socio Economic Background: HHI <15k per month in a Metro; moderated by COLI in other cities
    d. Direct payment to school is preferred (esp tuition fees & other expenses accepted by the school, e.g., bus, uniform, books, etc); other expenses to parent/guardian
    e. No short term support – not less than 1 academic year
    c. Collective:
    a. Family when supporting more than one child: Must have a girl sibling; must
    match the above criteria
  6. Institutional
  7. Private unrecognized school/Tuition Centre/Academy:
    i. Institution should be catering to underprivileged kids only or located in
    low income district/ward/area.
    ii. Will fund projects only – eg, infra (classroom, toilets, equipment, etc),
    consumables (books, stationary, etc), manpower (esp quality
    iii. Credentials to be physically verified – pre and post investment: caveat (personally endorsed by a fellow EHSAS member)
  8. Batchmates’ NGOs
  9. Batchmate should be committed more than x% time to driving the
    ii. OR should have committed significant personal (not corporate) resources to an educational project

First few cheques to beneficiaries were issued – Rani Kumari (through father), Ram JiwanMandal & Neal Aggarwal (through Universal Public School)