MAY 2016

EHSAS81 Foundation
Minutes of Meeting
7/8 Ansari Road, Daryaganj (Sameer’s residence) /
Vivek Public School, Bhajanpura.
Tuesday, 3rd May, 2016


Agenda :
1. Introduce Prof Bajaj to children, parents and management of Vivek Public School,
Bhajanpura for future mentoring.
2. Hand over support cheques of selected children to school

Attendees: Prabhjot, Sameer
Also Present : Mrs Satinder Bajaj

Discussions with School Management :
1. Met the principal Mrs. Krishna Arora along with Mr. Vivek Arora
2. Introduced Prof. Satinder Bajaj to them and explained the role she would play in mentoring the education of children.
3. Mr. Vivek Arora informed us that one of the teachers, Ms. Sangeeta, would be made responsible for the selected children and that she would also appraise Mrs. Bajaj about the progress of these children from time to time.

Discussions with parents of Children :
1. Parents of all selected children (6 nos) were present and interacted with members
and Prof. Bajaj.
2. Ms. Sangeeta was appointed by VMS to act as intermediary between Prof. Bajaj and
the school
3. Cheques for the selected children were issued, DoA’s were signed.


EHSAS ‘81 Foundation
Minutes of Meeting
7/8 Ansari Road, Daryaganj (Sameer’s residence) /
Literacy India, Bajghera, Gurgaon.
7th May, 2016


Finalise 10 beneficiaries and issue cheques.
Sameer, Praphul & Ashhok


EHSAS ‘81 Foundation
Minutes of Meeting
Vivek Modern School, Bhajanpura.
12th May, 2016


Finalise 3 beneficiaries and issue cheques.
Prabhjot, Sameer, Ashhok


EHSAS ‘81 Foundation
Minutes of Meeting
Habibi at Metropolitan (35th Reunion)
15th May, 2016


Since Power Point presentation prepared by Praphul could not be made due to the absence of AV equipment, Ashhok made an extempore speech of the contents of the presentation at the reunion. 5 batch mates made on-the-spot contributions for EHSAS’81 Foundation.

Arveen Nehraw
Vikram Mehra
Raju Bagai
Anil Kapoor
Vivek Kapoor


EHSAS81 Foundation
Minutes of Meeting
6 Aurangzeb Road (Ashhok Kapur)
23rd May, 2016


A recap of progress made so far and define way forward;
Updation of minutes, discussion on donors, accounts, etc.
Ashhok, Deepika, Prabhjot, Sameer, Praphul

  1. Need to reconcile the Party collections – Advani paid…collect cheque for EHSAS from him after sending email (Sameer)
    2. Put up party pics on website – list update, also, ppt update
    3. Receipt in form of Scroll – Proud Donor – language to address the
    4. Current Account to Savings Account – being supervised by Prabhjot w/o 23MAY
    5. 80G filing – related issue is the CA assignment – Relan vs Wadhawan – put the transition on hold
  2. File the b/s ending 31MAR’16 and 31 May 2016
    b. Prerequisites for filings for 80G :
    i. part of it, we need an AGM
    ii. Committee lists
    iii. Utilization of Funds
    iv. File for 80G
    a. Fund Raising:
    i. Ensure the funds for the current 20 scholars is fully met for next year
    before adding on new scholars
    ii. Monthly replenishment of funds in line with last year’s collections
    iii. Assume 15-20% of people may not renew and plan accordingly
    iv. LI-India: visit by Deepika, Neeru, etc to see what more can be done
    with that – Special Projects to possibly include the girl batchmates
  4. Special Project/Program: Allow members to Sponsor a child, however, A mechanism to ensure EHSAS is looped in (Both from
    communications as also quality control) – President MSOSA or the Principal of Modern School to be ex officio Honorary Member of
    EHSAS’81 – to ensure a deal with MHS if any EHSAS member is willing to upgrade a scholar to MHS
    vi. Special Projects from those who’ve reached out to us individually afterthe party
    a. Mohnish Kumar
    b. Rahul Sagar Gupta
    c. Aditya Advani
    b. Programming
    i. EHSAS’81 Scholars Day – for all kids. –
    1. Choose a day – Mr MN Kapoor’s Birthday/Anniversary.
    2. Frequent gift for EHSAS ’81 scholar – based on the child’s interest area and on the assessment day for all kids that could
    be monthly/quarterly.
    3. External contributions to EHSAS from batchmates families or others
    ii. Prof Bajaj: Visit (Sat 28MAY) her to define :
    a. Guru Dakshina – 30K per annum
    b. Role (Mentor to Kids, Parents & Cooordinated Teachers), Responsibility, Frequency (monthly).
    c. Ola App on her phone to be setup


  1. Contributors to be contacted: those who’ve pledged but not paid – Deepika to coordinate with Neel etc and update core group by 31st
    2. Accounts with Hemant – Prabhjot by 28th
    3. MHS/MSOSA Discussion for 6a.v.1 above Sameer to engage and report to core group by first week of June
    4. Confirm visit for Mrs Bajaj
    5. Ashhok & Praphul to visit Rajiv Kapur for the Sonepat School