‘EHSAS ’81 Foundation’ is an initiative of Modern School (BK) alumni belonging to the batch of 1981. The purpose and intent of this foundation is to make meaningful contribution to our society in different fields – of education, healthcare, social welfare, environment etc thereby creating a legacy of sorts for future. Hence ‘Ehsas ‘81’ connects us not only as 1981 batch-mates of a great institution, but also brings us together after 34 years, for a larger cause.

The need for ‘ehsas’ is all around us. We are sensitive to these needs and may already be working individually, or in coordination with other individuals and/or organisations towards fulfilling these needs, to the best of our abilities. ‘EHSAS ’81 Foundation’ is another such platform where we will collectively take up responsibility to give back to society in a meaningful and organized manner, the distinction being that being a part ‘Ehsas’, we shall one again be together just as we were over three decades ago.

Friends, we invite you to be a part of this initiative by not only making financial contributions, but also contribute with your ideas, work on projects on the ground and unite in intent. While the legacy of ‘batch of ’81’ was more by default, we hope that the legacy of ‘EHSAS’81 Foundation’ can become one that binds us with a more definitive purpose and intent.