Vivek Modern School

Vivek Modern School, run from the lanes of a low income area in East Delhi, is up to class VIII. When we first met the owner and hands-on person Mr. Vivek Arora, we found him to be engaging and willing to be our partner in our ‘undefined’ objectives. He continues to be so despite children having passed out of his school and moved on. He is our eyes and ears on the ground, even during Covid times when physical interaction with children and parents was not possible.

Literacy India

Literacy India, itself a non-profit organisation, which empowers underprivileged children, youth and women by providing access to education, life skills & livelihoods. It has a fairly large scale of operations in various parts of the country and we came in as a ‘secondary operator’ here. 

DLF Public School
First batch of children passed out of VMS in 2018. We had to decide where they would go next. One option, mostly followed in the area was to send children to the local Government school.  This school was recommended to us by Mr Vivek Arora of VMS as a progressively minded school where our scholars would get the nourishment required to compete in a completely different environment. We met Dr. Mrignaini, who was the Founder Principal and currently its Executive Director. She promised all the possible help – which included keeping an eye over these children and providing that extra support whenever needed. She also gave us a healthy discount on the tuition fee which continues till date.