It was an inspired moment in February 2015, almost eight years ago, that the thought first came up to create a platform where we can take collective responsibility and use our privilege as alumni of a great educational institution to give back to society in a meaningful and organized manner. That truly, was the conception of the EHSAS‘81 Foundation.

The purpose and intent of the Foundation was then defined and documented. It was decided that through EHSAS we would try and make meaningful contributions to our society in different fields – of Education, Healthcare, Services for the Aged and those with Special needs.

Subsequent to the emergence of that thought at the place and time it was destined to be, Batch of ’81 was called to arms at The Surya hotel. Attendance showed no lack of enthusiasm and it was definitely not the high tea !

A committee of sorts was formed at the get-together and later, after much deliberation, that fateful thought was christened EHSAS’81 FOUNDATION.